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Time to trade in that resort gym smoothie for results.

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Staying Fit Together

Since 2007 Fitness MD has helped change lives through goals and group fitness. Here, your personal trainer ensures that you have perfect form while fellow fitclubbers motivate you when you’re right about to quit. It’s where you get introduced to fun and unique exercise combinations you never knew you could do and start to feel muscles in places you never knew you had. It’s where you go to get results.


Get a hands on tour of the Fit Club floor and complete your first assessment to determine your initial fitness level.

Set Goals

A personal trainer will be assigned and together you’ll map out your goals. This includes fitness, meal and calorie planning.

Show Up

Come to Fit Club and we’ll take care of the rest. With weekly check-ins, we ensure you stay on-track towards your goal.


Assessments every six weeks to track fat ratio, fitness capabilities, and progress. LOGIN anytime to track your fitness journey.

Get Results

Reach your goal! Now either set new goals or maintain the results you worked hard for.

Membership Pricing

per person/month


For the lone wolf

  • Unlimited gym access
  • Childcare $25 for 1st child / $10 for each additional child
  • Cancel anytime (with 30 day notice)
  • $49 Enrollment Fee
Free 3-day Pass
Fit Club
per person/month*

Fit Club

For those who want a complete fitness program

  • Dedicated personal trainer
  • Fitness, meal, and calorie planning
  • Monthly assessments
  • Fitness MD online account
  • Unlimited group fit classes & gym access
  • Childcare $25 for 1st child / $10 for each additional child
  • Hold membership (with 30 day notice)
  • $199 Enrollment Fee (+$32 Enrollment fee for each additional person)
Free 3-day Pass
Youth Training
per person/6 weeks

Youth Training

For the young athlete

  • Training is on Mon., Tue. & Thu.
  • Choose between 1–3 days per week
  • Session lasts 6 weeks
  • No Enrollment Fee
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Meet Our Trainers

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Daniel Monahan
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David Kawahata
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Naomi Monahan
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Phoenix Casias
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Josh Robbins
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Gavin Flores
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Chandler Pare